General Inquiries & Support -

Information on using Wavemod:

Pricing: Wavemod charges $1.49 per minute of audio (roughly $4 per song). Songs under 1 minute will be charged $1.49.

File Formats: We accept WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4 and MOV files.

Song Preperation: Don't limit or over-compress the songs before you upload them. If you're going to compress anything, it should be the individual tracks, not the overall song. So for the best results, don't pre-master your tracks before you master them. Mastering should not be thought of as a process to "Fix" a song. So if there are different levels in your mix that need fixing, fix them before you upload. No matter how well a song is mastered, what makes the most difference is the mix itself.

Track Ins & Outs: This service does not handle track fading or pauses between tracks. You need to do that before you upload the songs or after you've downloaded your mastered files.

ISRC Codes and Master CD Burning: This service does not handle ISRC Codes or Master CD Burning.

Expirations: In an effort to keep our servers neat and tidy, projects expire after 3 months.