About Wavemod:

Wavemod is an Automated Music Mastering Service that aims to give producers, songwriters and bands an inexpensive and quick alternative to typical mastering services. Launching in 2012, Wavemod was the first mastering services of its kind and has maintained it's leadership in this new emerging industry. Innovation and Customer Experience are our main priorities and we strive to bring both of them to the musicians of the world! We use our service daily on our own endeavors and creations, bringing a level of quality control required by a "perfectionist" musician. We hope our customers find this same quality from this mastering service!


"This is a great service - will be telling everyone I know about it."
"I was really happy. It was much better than I could do with my present knowledge. Friends told me how much better everything sounded."
"You guys beat me to the punch...lol. I was just saying the other day that there should be a place where you can master your tracks online."
"Where have you been hiding? Seriously though, good job."
"Sounds just as good as places that charge more and takes 2 -3 days to send back. Sounds good!"
"I will use wavemod for all my mastering of my home recordings"

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