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Automated Online
Music Mastering Software

Wavemod gives you the tools to master your tracks instantly without purchasing expensive software or studio time. The first of it's kind (launching in 2012), Wavemod automatically analyzes your files and determines an optimal mastering configuration. Then adjust the settings to maximize your results!

  • Free Previews

    Preview before you purchase.

  • $1.69/minute

    Pay as you go with no monthly charge. (avg $4-7/song)

  • Project Mastering

    Master all your tracks cohesively at once.

  • Free Re-Mastering

    Tweak settings and re-master for free.


  • 1. Sign Up and Upload Songs
  • 2. Choose Mastering Settings
  • 3. Checkout and Download WAV
  • 4. Tweak and Re-Master

Project Example :

Wavemod charges $1.69 per minute of audio (roughly $4-7 per song). Songs under 1 minute will be charged $1.69.

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Customer Feedback

"This is a great service - will be telling everyone I know about it."
"I was really happy. It was much better than I could do with my present knowledge. Friends told me how much better everything sounded."
"You guys beat me to the punch...lol. I was just saying the other day that there should be a place where you can master your tracks online."
"Where have you been hiding? Seriously though, good job."
"Sounds just as good as places that charge more and takes 2 -3 days to send back. Sounds good!"
"I will use wavemod for all my mastering of my home recordings"

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